Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Blessings

This Christmas season we are so thankful to have two more little ones to love on. And we are so thankful to all of YOU who helped them be here with us. Last Christmas they had no home, no family, and nothing to call their own.
And this Christmas they have everything: arms to hold them, food to fill them, hearts to love them. 
So many of you reading have done so very much to give everything to these little ones, and we are so very grateful.

Starting Christmas Eve they had no idea what was in store for them! We went to our church's Christmas Eve Service- charming and delightful, families dressed in their Christmas finest singing carols, holding candles and watching little ones pile onto the stage to tell the story of Jesus. 
We brought a shepherd.

And a little girl who so desperately wanted on that stage! No photos, but her screeches could be heard throughout the room! We dressed her in angel wings and decided to let her try to go on with the other angels (this is a very low-key "production") but little one couldn't wait her turn without a tantrum so she and mama had run for it down the center aisle to get her away from temptation!

 Looking our finest!

 to Christmas jammies!

 the sweetest thing. a girl transformed. look at all that chub! and those curls!
Just 6 months ago... to now!
 laughing so hard she can't breathe (daddy is pretty funny!)

 that is laughter, not tears!
 the best big brother and the sweetest guy- makes this mama proud!
well...we can't all be happy all the time!

 While wrapping gifts Christmas Eve, James and I had a little helper. She had been tucked away and hidden in our master bath since Tuesday night and still not been discovered!!!

 Christmas morning brought more excitement- James and I couldn't wait for the little ones to wake up!

 So fun to have added some Ukrainian decorations to our Christmas decorations! I've just been itching for Christmas so I could put this beautiful egg out- it is quite large- about 5 inches tall!
 This matroyshka family is Charlie's keepsake from Ukraine.

 Two precious ornaments from a sweet friend showed up on our front porch on Christmas eve- precious reminders of the sweet new fulfilled promises in our home!
 Once the boys were awake I had to awaken this little one from her slumber.
 Sleepy head!
 They boys were thrilled with new pieces for their train track...

 ...and sister shed a few tears... (don't worry, she turns it off as fast as she can turn it on!)

 And a surprise Christmas kitten! He was oh so surprised!
 He named her "Bird".

 In the afternoon we moved on to Grandmama Tootsie's house. Full of cousins, laughter and yummy food!

 Betsy Kate convinced her Grumpy to follow her all over the house and keep her out of mischief and Charlie convinced Dougie to toss him around!
 Funny Face! It was the best I got of our busy girl in her plaid dress.

It was the merriest of Christmases!


  1. You all look so happy and in love with each other! Thank God you found each other!

    Aimee Burke

  2. I love the transformation! Your kids are precious. It looks like you had a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for the Christmas card, by the way! I loved it.

  3. henry is such a sweet boy. i love to see him with charlie and betsy kate :D wish clark and i could have been with everyone for christmas. looks like it was a fun one!

  4. What a lovely update, and transformation. So glad that your precious children are settling in so well.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all of your photos and stories about Christmas. I read every bit of it and felt like we were there sharing with you. You have a beautiful, blessed family.

  6. Love all the pictures!!! I need to take some lessons from you! ;-) Please??? We need to meet soon!

  7. Found your blog by accident and couldn't leave without reading it all. God bless you and your children! it's a miracle what love can do - transformation of Vanya and Vika is amazing.