Friday, November 18, 2011

Just a little update

Just the tiniest of updates...

We are all doing good! Betsy Kate and Charlie are adjusting so well to family life and are learning language at a rapid pace! Charlie learns a new word daily and speaks in 3 word sentences, his favorite being "No, my ______!" (fill in the blank... shoe, book, car, doll, sock, bite, ball- he knows all of those!) and his other favorite being "More eat, Mommy?". Betsy Kate is picking up language too and certainly understands nearly everything we say to her. These kiddos are amazing. They both have been getting great reports from their Dr. appointments- their CD4 and viral counts are excellent, Charlie's bowed legs are already beginning to straighten a bit, and Betsy Kate had hernia repair surgery on Monday and has already completely bounced back.

Henry has adjusted so wonderfully to having them home and is such a great big brother- he keeps drawing pictures of our minivan and showing me how it has two extra seats in it and asking when we can get another brother and sister to put in them... and then telling me how after that we're going to need an even bigger car for more kids- I love my boy's heart and enthusiasm!

Here are a couple of videos for you:


  1. Thanks for sharing Erica! I can't wait to see all three of them again! KJM

  2. So great to see them doing so well. Thanks for updating us.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  3. Oh my!!!! LOVE the video!!!! They are all getting so big. When my little guy saw them his face just lit up!! Im not sure if it was true recognition or just happy to see another little. Glad to hear that their transitions are continuing on smoothly. ~Trina

  4. Those smiles!!! Great update. Can you email me about health stuff?

  5. So great to see those videos! God bless you guys!

  6. It is wonderful to read an update and to see how well your precious children are doing. God bless you, and yours.


  7. LOVE!!!! They are so happy and it is so wonderful to seem them growing! Thank you for sharing your amazing life with us, Erica!

    Aimee Burke

  8. Goodness, they are SUCH dolls, Erica!

  9. LOVED your Christmas card!! SO sweet.