Saturday, July 16, 2011

2nd trip Days 7 and 8

Yesterday was another fun and happy day!
In the morning we stayed indoors- the playground was full to the brim and there was not an empty spot for us to occupy without disturbing the other children.

I got out a new stacking toy for them to play with and it was a big hit.
This is what happened when brother interupted sister's play:
But they worked it out when Mama gave brother some crayons to occupy him.

We started out playing indoors in the afternoon and then a worker came through and shut the window in our room telling me that it was too hot to have the window open... what?!? So we ventured outside soon after.
 Little man in a white eyelet hat with sequins on it...!

 Little sister looking so sweet in her little dress- definitely her cutest outfit so far!
 (the dress must be one that was donated by a visiting family as it is from Old Navy- 
for those interested it is a 6-12 month size- tiny 2 year old girl!).
Coloring is always a favorite activity for them.

Today (Saturday) I only had a morning visit with them. It was a warm morning once again so played a few minutes indoors then we quickly found our spot in the shade.
 She was dressed in a Mickey Mouse top and a pair of panties (no diaper) today. At least she stayed cool!
 What is that he is wearing? Well it is a "Barbie" tank top, of course!

Love their curiosity! Look at her tiny little bird legs and his poor little bowed legs- so precious!
Her little bonnet today was precious!
But my favorite sight of today was this big belly in a Barbie shirt!


  1. That dress! I love it! :) Pic below is from my trip last summer -

    Your kids are soo sweet!! I can't wait to see them at HOME!

  2. I cant even imagine my little guy coloring..actually I tried but he had no desire what so ever to be still long enough....your almost to the end!!!!~Trina

  3. If you took them to Wal Mart dressed like that, they would end up in "Kids of Wal Mart" email forwards all over the country, ha! I think they're precious & adorable no matter what they're wearing, & I know you do too! Love & prayers to you, Megan, & the little darlings ~ Mama

  4. Anyone who is sitting next to me while I read your blog is subjected to all the videos and pictures...even if they don't know who you are! I'm just so proud of your growing family!

    Amy Redmond

  5. LOL! Great post! I love getting to hear from you! I have a feeling their transition to being with their new family will be a smooth one! and oh how they will have such a big family to love on them!!!(me of course being part of that family! :) )