Friday, July 15, 2011

2nd trip Day 6

Yesterday was a happy and simple day- two visits with two happy babies.
Our morning visit started with a cup of juice:
Mama: "Vita, hochesh peet?"
Vita: "Da!"
 And our morning visit ended with catching a photo of the babes with our favorite caregiver. This woman is a priceless treasure. We sincerely pray that her heart will rub off on all of the other caretakers here.

She is the oldest caretaker in the building and she has the biggest heart and kindest hands and sweetest voice.
Her name is Antonina. My babes adore her. So do I.
She taught my little ones how to love and how to receive love- what a priceless gift.
There were workmen outside and they both LOVE seeing men. They only see men occasionally here in the building so every time they see a man they announce it by saying "dah dah!" which means "a man!".
There's nothing like wrestling a giant pink stuffed rabbit....
This one is long but it has some irresistable giggles in it!
 We had the playground to ourselves yesterday afternoon- what a blessing!
 Little brother was loving on his elephant while eating his snack. I pretended to be the elephant's voice and said "Hochesh kushaite!" (yeah, I'm sure it wasn't gramatically correct, but little man understood me!)
And next thing I knew he was helping his elephant eat a snack- too cute.

 Then sister joined in the fun and helped her bunny to a snack too.

I love watching her do whatever her brother is doing.

Gotta love the outfits here! Just a few more days until Mama gets to choose the outfits!




  2. so excited for you!! So happy you got a photo with the wonderful caretaker!!~ Trina

  3. Henry was at Nana's house today & we watched the videos of brutter & sister together. Then I watched them over several times tonight. They're wonderful - keep on posting them as you're able! Got Little Vita's room painted yesterday & going to go put it all together tomorrow. It will be a sweet, cheerful room for a sweet, cheerful little girl! Can't wait to meet that adorable pair of toddlers. Love y'all ~ Mama

  4. I posted a comment about Antonina on yesterday's post--wish I had saved it for today. That picture validates what I said, though--I think her reward is seeing these little ones joining a loving family.

    Lana, the room sounds darling. Can't wait to see some pictures of it.