Thursday, July 14, 2011

2nd trip Day 5

 Oh my goodness, these have been crazy days!
After spending all day in the (hot) car on Tuesday it was time to do it again on Wednesday, with the addition of two very special little people and one very special helper!

But the best part of all was this: Our Reunion!
We had not seen each other in 11 days and I wasn't sure what to expect from these little ones.
Sorry for the changes in camera angle- I didn't show Megan how to work it first but shoved it into her hands! I love how our favorite caregiver is in the background calling out to out littles that their Mama is here! She uses their "pet" names, Vitusya and Vanushka!
It wasn't long before our little people were sleepy little people. We had a 2 hour car ride ahead of us, but we were in a huge hurry to get to the next town before the passport office's computer system shut down at 1:00.

 Igor got us there in record time! We made it in 1.5 hours, windows down, hot air whipping our hair around, and bumps in the road sloshing our brains around! 

He drove 115 to 145 kmh the whole way on roads that look like Oklahoma County roads that are WAY out in the country (i.e. they look as if they have been used as military artillery practice on a regular basis). It is not uncommon for cars to drive on the complete wrong side of the road in order to avoid car-sized potholes!

 This was a very special day. I got to hold both of my littlest ones while they fell asleep. 
There is just nothing better.
 Notice their stuffed animals? James and I bought one of the same brand (a bear, dubbed "Bear Bear") for Henry before he was born. "Bear Bear" has been Henry's favorite animal since he was 10 months- it was around that age that he started sleeping on top of "Bear Bear" every time he was in his bed. 

We bought these animals for Charlie and Betsy Kate before they came home and it was so precious to give them to them and see them immediately attach to these sweet, soft animals. 

And even more precious that their first naps in my arms they snuggled with these little animals and went right to sleep. Having never really ridden in cars before they found the car to make them very sleepy- they each had a nap in the car both coming and going.
 Even though we made it to the passport office in time... they told us that they couldn't take care of us and that we needed to wait until 2:00 (and apparently nevermind... their system would still be working then after all....)

We waited out in Igor's car and I fed the little people their lunch.
Another first for the day, their first meal fed by Mama!
The best part of the video is just how BIG Betsy Kate opens her mouth for the tiny spoonfuls of food!
People here (and really all over Europe, I think) eat on spoons much larger than we are used to- even the children. In the baby house they are fed with spoons the size of a serving spoon (no joke!). Which explains why she is trained to open her mouth so big for each bite!

Then we played around in the car for a while!
Then we had another first: First time to eat in a restaurant!
I cannot believe how well these two did!!! They were so well behaved!!! Of course it helped that our little man LOVES to eat anything- little sister loves to eat but she's a little more choosy.

It was a very exhausting but very fun and special day!


  1. Henry and I just looked at all the videos! :)

  2. They are absolutely precious. Love how they just held onto you when you were reunited!

  3. Your favorite caregiver is my favorite too! She really does care about the kids and is hands down the most loving worker there. She used to work in "my" group and I was so sad when she was moved but I'm glad she was there to take care of your babies...

  4. Sooo precious!! I hope things hurry along so you can get home soon! Hugs & Prayers! Mel

  5. I wanted to cry when I saw my favorite caretakers face!!! I pray she will not grow weary in her well doing loving on these precious littles. I am so happy your littles are doing so well. Congrats you are almost done!!!~Trina

  6. So sweet! Can't wait to meet them! Aunt KJ

  7. They look so happy and animated--how lucky are we to have two such precious new additions to the family? You and James are amazing parents and Henry will be a fantastic big brother. Plus, look at the grandparents these babies are getting! Life is good.

    Re the post about everyone's favorite caretaker losing heart--I think days like this must encourage her to continue being a loving "mama." This is her reward--to see two babies she loves going to permanent homes with loving families who want them. I truly believe that lady sees the big picture and that's part of the reason she IS so caring. Bittersweet day for her, but I'll bet her heart was full of joy to see these precious little people going HOME to a family and a country filled with promise.