Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2nd trip Day 4

Well... no visit with the babes today :-(
But I'm thankful that it was a full day where much was accomplished getting us closer to getting these guys home.
We arrived here in the kid's town on the overnight train at 6:15 this morning, were dropped off at the apartment for about an hour of rest, and then we were off for a full day. It was a day-long game of "Hurry Up and Wait" which is basically how all processes in adoption work anyway. Our sweet driver, Igor, drove us all over town back and forth getting the children's birth certificates re-issued (they now show their new full names!) and getting things ready for tomorrow when...

I get to bust those babies out of the orphanage!!!

Well, only temporarily... but for 6 hours or so they'll be with me! We are driving to a big town about 2 hours away to apply for their passports and the children must be present. Megan will be helping me wrangle two little people in a backseat without seatbelts and certainly no carseats- say a prayer for us!

We'll return them to the baby house when we are done with the passports and then the rest of our time here we will be waiting for the passports to be issued (thankfully it doesn't take 6 weeks like in the US!). Next Monday we'll be taking the littles out of the Baby House and saying PAKA (that is "bye") to it forever! If all goes smoothly we'll be flying home next Thursday and arriving in OKC at 12:00 noon on Friday!

I promise lots of photos tomorrow.


  1. So completely overjoyed for you!! Those angels are so blessed to have such an amazing family....and you are so blessed to have those angels!! Love you all!

    Aimee Burke

  2. so happy for your family and the journey that I get the privelage of being able to follow!!!~Trina