Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 6: We've met them and they are perfect!

Introducing: Charles Eric Ivan Jenkins, known as "Vanya"

Introducing: Betsy Kate Victoria Jenkins, known as "Vika"

(it is true that these names won't be official until we have passed court, but we are counting on that to happen very soon!)

It's the moment we've all been waiting for... we got to meet our little ones today! We met with the orphanage director who went over the children's history with us- it is heartbreaking to hear that these precious little ones have never had a single visitor- but that story is NO more! After a brief interview she asked us if we were ready to meet the children.

We were led down a hallway and then ushered into a small room and there they were! We had our breath completely taken away- these children that had been nothing but a photo and a dream in our hearts were right here before us and we could hardly take it all in! It was one of the most beautiful moments of our lives!

At 4:00 we went back for a second visit and took Beth and Henry with us! Our visit was wonderful- both of the children are so happy and content. Vanya took a little while to show us his smile but by the end of our visit he was coming to me with his arms open wide to be held. Vika loves to be held and loves to stroke my hair- so cute! She is feisty and tiny little girl- she loves tickles and running away from her "Papa" so he can catch her! We all had sooo much fun together and Henry wailed when it was time to send them back upstairs with their caretakers- he so wanted to take them home right away!


  1. Oh my.......I just can't hardly contain myself. This is the sweetest thing.
    They are going to be so loved!!!! They will have the best parents in the whole world. Love you guys and my prayers are not ceasing until you bring these sweet ones home.

    Jamie Wendorff

  2. Incredible! Charlie and Betsy Kate are beautiful. James and Erica, you look so happy. Loved the story about Henry not wanting to leave. Papa and Granny are so happy. We PTL
    Love you.

  3. They are beautiful!! So happy for you and for them!

  4. Oh Erica, I'm so excited!! I can't Wait to meet them!! I love them already. They surely fit into our family. Thank you so much for doing this blog and posting the pics :D It makes my heart so happy and makes me feel more "there" with what's going on in everyone's lives. Not so lonely.
    God has blessed you and the rest of our family with Vika and Vanya!

  5. LOVE their names! precious! He is SO good!

  6. What a blessed day! It is so amazing at how God is bringing your family together! I love the photos & video!

  7. Amazing!!! They are so precious!! It hurts me so much to think they have never had any visitors!!! I am so thankful that you have opened your hearts to these beautiful children!!!

  8. Love them! So happy and excited for your family. Thanks for sharing the journey so we can all be a part of it!

    Jane Johnston

  9. Oh my, those two little ones are just going to soak up all the love that's waiting for them! I look forward to seeing them blossom once you guys get them home. So glad you took Henry--he seems so happy to be a big "brudder"--and he'll be wonderful at it.

  10. I love seeing your precious little ones! I can't wait to meet them :)