Thursday, June 2, 2011

traveling soon!

I've got a thousand things I'd love to blog about... but our days are so busy that I'm lucky to write this one down!

The big news is that last week we received our referral appointment date with the government of our children's country!!! At this appointment they will show us our children's files and then give us a referral to go and meet them. Our assigned appointment is for June 7th. Unfortunately, along with our appointment date came the news that our son will not be available for adoption until June 20th, just 13 days later. So... it was recommended that we write a letter of appeal requesting that we be issued a new appointment for the week of June 20th.

One letter, one more trip to the bank for a notary stamp, one more trip to the state capitol to have it apostilled, and one more trip to FedEx to have it shipped for $175 (yes, seriously, for 2 pieces of paper!!!) and it was delivered yesterday. We've been told that it will be submitted to their government on Monday. And then we'll be waiting again for a new date... and we may have to travel with very short notice.

But honestly, that is okay with me. The news could have been much worse. There have been so many families adopting from our children's country lately that have gotten to this point only to find that the children they are adopting are no longer available for adoption at all. Either they have been taken into family care (which is honestly wonderful), or the child's family won't consent to their adoption, or they have died (so so tragic).

I'm just thrilled to know that our little ones are available and waiting for us and if we have to wait a few more weeks to get to them, then so be it.

As painful as it may feel, sometimes waiting is just what we need.

"Yet, the strength of those who wait with hope in the LORD will be renewed. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and won't become weary. They will walk and won't grow tired." Isaiah 40:31


  1. Wow, June 20th! Awesome. We're leaving for RU on the 15th and court date is on the 22nd. (Same SN) Trying to cross things off an enormous to-do-before-we-bring-our-2-kids-home list.

  2. God's plans are greater than ours and you know that because you are His child He makes all things work for your good and for His glory, Amen! Can't wait to hear more! I want to hear the whole story after they come home!
    I love you, cousin Andrea

  3. I know I say Angie today! I've been watching for both of them, and I know I saw her. It looks like her hair's been cut, but she is looking pretty good-although a lot smaller than I expected! Praying you have safe travels and all goes well! I'm hoping to be leaving the week of the 20th, so I may just miss you. We wish you the best!