Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day One and Day Two

Here we are with ALL of our luggage before we left OKC- we did good packing light, yes?!?

We've arrived!

We left on Friday at 1:40 pm and got here Saturday at 3:00 pm local time (which was around 8:00 am at home- we are 8 hours ahead here). It was a loooong trip but we're here! On our flight from Dallas to London we sat in the very back row of the plane... right in between the two restrooms and right in front of the galley... not something I recommend doing if you'd like to rest peacefully!

So, we flew from OKC to Dallas: Here we are waiting to board our flight in Dallas.

Henry was really excited to get on the plane that was going to take us closer to "brudder and sister".
And from Dallas to London... Here we are riding a bus in London Heathrow from one terminal to the next (super inefficient- it took forever!) But Henry loved it! The bus took us through a very long tunnel that Henry thought was awesome! we all got neck pillows for the flight- here Henry is wearing his around his neck on the bus for fun!
Our final flight was from London to our undisclosed location in Eastern Europe ;-) We flew British Airways and it was a very nice flight- James's favorite meal of the trip so far was served on the flight- an English breakfast of sorts with eggs, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Just after landing, Henry is getting a first look at his brother and sister's country.

When getting off of a flight in this country there are no terminals or gates... everyone disembarks straight onto the tarmac where you are picked up by a bus and driven to the airport!

Our driver, Nico, met us at the airport, took us to buy groceries and brought us to our apartment. Our apartment is located on the top floor of the building on the 15th floor! Thankfully there is an elevator... albeit a very scary elevator!!! Our apartment is just one room, like a studio apartment but we have air conditioning and internet so everyone is happy!

There are no clothes dryers here so we wash our clothes in the front-loader and then hang them all on this nifty drying rack in the kitchen to dry.
This is the view from the kitchen window of our apartment- this is the staircase that runs along the side of our building. We've walked down them once at Henry's request- we all had sore calves afterward!
The view down to the parking lot from our 15th floor window. The windows here are huge European windows which swing wide open... and have no screens or safety devices- yikes!
Henry is happy anywhere as long as there are legos nearby.
The beautiful sunset as seen from our kitchen window.

This building is just across from our apartment- James said that it is now some sort of military hospital.

As soon as the sun went down we all went to bed! Amazingly we all slept all night!

Leave us a comment if you're following along with us- we could use the encouragement each step of the way!


  1. I'm following! I got your blog address from your FSP. : )

  2. I am following also!! Can't wait to be follow this amazing experience with your family!

  3. I'm here.... rooting you guys on... praying you over and back!!

  4. Been following for awhile.... can't wait to see pictures of your first meeting!!

  5. Of course we're following! Plus we're reading almost daily emails from a certain anxious little Granny. ;-)

    Love, love the pictures of "big brudder" and your temporary home. Can't wait to see more of all three together--our two nephews and niece.

    Exciting times, our dears--Godspeed.

  6. Got your blog from Pat and I've been following. Amazed at what you are doing! Good luck and I'll be praying for you!
    ~Amy Strunk

  7. I'm following! I know it's crazy, but I miss those views. It looks so familiar and it makes me long to return to Eastern Europe. I can't believe all of you are making the trip! Did you remember your flash cards? Carry a dictionary! Eat a blin for me!

  8. Definitely following along! Can't wait for you guys to get to your babies' city... Let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help you with!

  9. Such acfun family adventure, you're leaving an incredible family legacy for all your children!


  10. loving this journey the Lord has you on, team Doke is pumped!!

  11. Thanks for sharing all of the fun details. We are praying for your sweet family! Can't wait to hear about your new little ones!

  12. Yes, I'm proud of you (all) for packing light! I'm loving the photos! I'm glad Henry enjoyed the plane ride but I'm sorry you got right next to the bathrooms :(~
    Remember our apt. in Germany? Not as small but lots of similarities! Can't wait for more pics! I love all of you!

  13. cheering you on! can't wait to see pictures of the kids!

  14. ha ha, that was my apartment too :)
    looks like fun!!
    good luck!!

  15. Love the update. Praying for you guys. And missing you big time. KJM

  16. Thats the same apartment we stayed in! And that military hospital is very cool, you can go walk around and view the old buildings and the bridges, guns, etc. We spent a couple hours there, its beautiful.

  17. Welcome to U! You guys are in the same apt we had a couple weeks ago! I didn't know you guys were in OKC, we are from KC! There is another RR family from your area adopting Constance from R!
    Hope your train ride is going smoothly, can't wait to see new pics of the kids.