Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 9

Henry was having fun reading to "sister". He calls them Vika and Vanya, but mostly just refers to them as brudder and sister. So cute :-)

Vanya loves looking for birds out the window with Papa.

Bubbles were a HUGE hit today! I don't know if they had ever seen them before- they were completely enthralled by them!

watching the bubbles fall to the floor and shrieking with delight!

Vanya was in Papa's arms just before we sat to take this photo, but then saw Vika in Mama's lap and reached out saying in a hushed, tentative whisper "Mama, Mama!"

My three happy boys!

There was nowhere for us to play for most of our Saturday visit. When we got there it was raining outside and there was a children's puppet show and music time happening in the room we normally use to play with the children. We were ushered into the "Show for Children" and got quite the cultural experience! It was fun to listen to them singing all of the folk songs and listen to the music. Our kiddos seemed to enjoy it although Vika kept covering her eyes and hanging her head low... I think she was a sleepy girl! When the show was over we had about 30 minutes of alone time with the babes before we had to give them back.

We were only allowed one visit this weekend, which was Saturday morning when these photos were taken. Our facilitator is so busy that I didn't want to disturb her if I didnt have to so on Friday morning I used an English to Russian translator online to translate a few sentences asking when we could see the children over the weekend. I copied the sentences to a sheet of paper by hand and hoping that my note made sense I handed it to the secretary in the Baby Home on Friday. She read it, giggled a little, and asked if I had written myself. Apparently it made sense, but unfortunately the answer was just one weekend visit. We are storing up all of our energies to see our little ones again tomorrow!!

Today we are hoping to do a little sightseeing here in town, as we won't be here next weekend to do any because... we got our court date!!!
We'll be going to court on Friday, July 1st at 1:30 pm!
We should leave here on the Friday night over night train, get back to the Capitol City on Saturday morning and then fly out on Sunday. I should be home for about 6 days before I leave again to come back here.


  1. YAY!!!! I hope I at least get to see you all when we go home for cousin's wedding reception!

  2. If you need any more sentences, let me know. Online translators miss more than they hit the right translation and I've got email on my phone, so email me...if it's not, you know, the middle of our night. don't count on me answering quick then.

  3. oh man! They are SO cute! They fit right in! I can't wait to meet them. I love you all so much! Praise the Lord for your court date, that is amazing! I miss you too much!

    -Alison Ford

  4. Awesome! We prayed for y'all At moms prayer!

  5. when you leave again it will be to bring them home, right??