Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 7: AKA "For the Love of the Sippy Cup"

Our visits today were wonderful! The hardest part about them is keeping two toddlers occupied for 2 hours 2 times a day! This morning Henry and Beth went with us and we all played outside together. The orphanage has an extensive playground area and we wandered around the different pavilions trying to stay out of the way of the other "groupas" (like classes, but they are the groups that the children live with, eat with, play with etc...) as each groupa has their own assigned play area. If we were too close to our children's groupa their little buddies called out to them- our Vanya is especially well loved and gets called to alot by a certain other little Reece's Rainbow angel called Benji- (he is a doll- where is his mama?!).

When we got there this morning the children were outside for "music time" with their groupa. They were all sitting on a large area rug together on the ground and a woman was playing the accordion (!) while they were all supposed to be singing along. The workers started calling to Vanya to get his attention and he was startled by so many people calling to him at once- he thought he was in trouble and started bawling! Poor angel- I scooped him up and the precious guy let me comfort him. It was great to see that he was happy to see me! Vika came running with a HUGE grin on her face- little lady likes to GO!

Henry had fun pushing "brudder and sister" in the swings this morning.
Vanya is warming up to "Papa" more and more.

When the worker brought them down the stairs for our afternoon visit I called out to them and they both had HUGE grins on their faces when they saw me! I reached for Vanya and he leapt into my arms from about 3 steps above me- good thing Mama is quick! And as Beth said this morning when we were playing on the playground with them, Vika has no sense of self-preservation and came lunging for me as well!

However, the second thing they saw after reaching for me was the sippy cups in the tote bag- Vika started whining and panting for it immediately! We had fun teaching them how to suck from the sippy straws- and they eventually figured it out and of course wanted to suck the whole thing down in one swig! I can tell that the sippy cups will be the biggest highlights of our visits for them!
See the grins on those faces? They are excited to see one of the "Mamas" coming to get them to take them upstairs for their dinner! It may be hard to understand, but I cannot express the extent of my joy that these little ones are so attached to their caretakers! The fact that they have formed strong attachments to their caretakers means that it will be easy for them to form strong attachments and bonds with us- what a blessing! Vanya calls out "Mama" everytime one of them walks by or walks through the room! Today our favorite worker corrected him and told him that she was not his mama and then pointed to me instead. This evening when the worker was taking them back upstairs she pointed to James and asked him who he was and Vanya happily responded "Papa!"

In other news... Henry has had his first bath here! Yeah... I know, it is day 7. We kinda freaked him out by telling him not to drink the water or get it on his face so we had trouble getting him interested in taking a bath- He was upset the first time that James took a shower here because he was worried about his daddy "getting germs!". Sweet guy.

Enjoy a little video!


  1. Oh My Goodness.... They are getting cuter by the day!!

  2. One of our highlights has been checking in each day to see where you are and what's happening. They are both so beautiful! Every time I read your blog I get a little teary remembering our experience and how powerful it is to meet these little ones that will be changed by your love and change your family with their love.

    It is amazing to see them and know that we will see them just around the corner in such a short time. Can't wait (and we're praying that it will be sooner rather than later!).

    Esperanza is sitting by me going, "Ahhhhhhhhh, so cute, ahhhhhhh..."

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm going to ditto everyone else - they are adorable!!

  4. So wonderful to hear! Praying God will continue to increase their receptiveness and trust for you and James and Henry. It sounds like He already has! These little ones are so precious!

  5. They are so much bigger than in those first pictures you had! Henry looks like he's having a ball. SO great!

  6. OMGosh, they are so cute.
    I am so happy that they both seem to really love them Momma a whole lot already. LOL!! However, Vika seems to be pretty smitten with her Daddy from the beginning as well. LOL!

    They are both so small. How old are they? Do you know if they are still giving Vika a bottle with formula in it. If they are then that is really a good thing for her because it helps with the bonding time some. Being able to rock her and give her a bottle while holding her just seems to help with a lot of families.
    Have you seen the sippy cups that look like nipples at the top of them. That might be easier for her if she is on the bottle.
    Having one with a straw causes them to do just like you experienced and that is drink things way to fast.

    Cannot wait until they are in your care forever!


  7. So precious! Seems like you had a great day with them.

  8. I am so happy for you guys. All three of your children are beautiful. I can't wait to meet them, but until then I will just enjoy your blog and pictures.

  9. They are so sweet!! Thanks for all the updates and video. Praying for you all!

  10. The little summer hats are so adorable on your two cuties. Congratulations.

  11. the pic of James holding Vika in the air brings tears to my eyes!!

  12. you look so happy with your babies in your arms, erica. i can't wait to see little betsy and charlie in person!

  13. I agree Mupp!
    I can't wait to see them too.

  14. I cry every single time i read your posts!!! I am over joyed!!! God is so good! Will continue to shower you all with prayers! Don't know if you have access to shopping, but you said you were looking for creative ideas to do with the kids? Side walk chalk, or even painting with water on concrete is an idea... and how about songs? especially ones with hand movements? Books? Coloring? Dominos? hide and seek? I know you know all this stuff, just thought i would throw a few out there incase your mind was frazzled- i know mine would be! Love you dear friend!