Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 5- Train Ride

(this post is a "flashback" since I was too busy to blog it when it happened!)

Here we are in front of the government office holding our referral papers giving us permission to pursue adopting our little ones!
On Tuesday we spent half the day packing up our little apartment! Around 4:00 Eugene came to pick us up and drive us to get our official Referral papers to go and meet our children. Another sweet family was going to pick up their referral too so we went together. Traffic was insanely thick and it took forever to get the papers picked up.
Then we had to drive all the way back across the city to meet a notary to have everything notarized.
And then to the train station to buy tickets for that night. Only there were no available compartments at that time... and they told us to come back in 1 hour for tickets. Gah!
We drove back across town, dropped the other couple at their apartment and had planned to pick up Beth and Henry and our luggage so we could just wait at the train station... but we ran out of time! So straight back to the train station we went! Thankfully we were able to buy tickets for a single compartment!
We hustled back to the apartment, picked up Beth and Henry... and guess where we went? Right back to the train station. It was only the third time that day. Eugene helped us grab a bite to eat at McDonald's first (we had a small debate whether or not to try McFoxy that is right next door to McDonald's but decided it was best to stick with what we know before boarding an overnight train...!). They serve regular fries and "Village Fries" here- Eugene told us they are a very authentic local food, although we told him we have them at home,
they are just called "potato wedges"!

We boarded the train about 8:45 in the evening.

This was the part of the trip that Henry was most looking forward to!

He was so looking forward to it... and yet somehow he seems to already be engrossed in a game of "angry birds" on dad's phone before the train had even pulled out of the station...!
Henry and I were the only ones out of the 4 of us that actually slept quite well that night... Here he is looking out the window in the morning watching the countryside.

The train cabins have two beds mounted on the wall up high with the two lower beds serving as benches to sit on. Clean bedding is provided- a small mattress that looks like a comforter, a bottom sheet, a top sheet, and blanket that looks something like a rug. Also a feather pillow and pillowcase. You make up your own bed when you are ready to sleep. I tried to post a video of Henry getting tucked in for the night, but can't get the video to work.

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  1. Wow, long train ride! You must have been dog tired. I know that I got used to sleeping in strange (not my bed) places last summer. Def. takes some getting used to. I'm glad you got some sleep! I think I had a dream about you last night. I gave you a hug, I think! Just thought I'd mention it before I completely forget.
    I'm so glad that Henry was able to go and have those exciting experiences!