Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 13

Yesterday we were blessed to have the playground all to ourselves again!
You may be wondering why that is such a blessing? We have found that it is much easier to hold the attention of our little ones when they aren't distracted by all of their playmates and "Mamas" on the playground- all of the Russian voices draw them in and they can't understand why Mama and Papa don't want to join in fun with everyone else too! We try to be honoring to all of the workers here by not providing too much of a distraction for their little ones, as they prefer us to have limited interactions with the little ones that are not ours. Also, it is more peaceful for James and I when we don't feel like our every move with the
children is being watched.

Many of the outdoor play shelters have stuffed toys hanging from their rooflines. Colorful yes... but just out of reach of a little one who wants a toy to play with.
See this little one climbing? With the hat covering her eyes completely? Yikes! This little girl is dangerous!
But this guy likes to go too!
And this guy? He had the full attention of little brother and sister as he was showing them his climbing antics!

Little brother has long thick eyelashes... it is hard to tell from this photo but they alternate dark brown and white blond, like tiger stripes.

Apparently the 76F degree temperature was a bit too cool for little people in the afternoon according to their caretakers... In the afternoon Vanya came downstairs wearing a "Cosby" sweater (adorned with Casper the Ghost, no less!), a collared shirt underneath, extra underpants and long pants- poor little man! Oh, and a do-rag!

Vika was wearing corduroy OshKosh overalls (size 12 months, a perfect fit for those keeping track), an undershirt, and a thick fleece shirt!
Snack time is their happiest time!
I've been working so hard to get some giggles out of this little guy! Here is our latest effort, I think we succeeded!


  1. They are just beyond precious. I LOVE the clothing combinations - hats - layers - just love it. Those days are coming to an end and though you will be so grateful to walk them out of there - that is part of who they are! Those caretakers - the other children - the funny hats - the unused toys hanging out of reach - the rules - everything. It is all woven into their stories - their lives.

  2. Reading your posts makes my eyes fill with tears of joy! I am just so happy for you are all so very blessed!

    Aimee Burke

  3. That little bit of a giggle in the video tells the story, doesn't it?

  4. Def. cool eyelashes! Cute little giggly boy :D
    I love how they dress the babies!

  5. 10th picture down...someone looks like his mama ;) What cuties!