Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 12

Today's visits went great! It is so fun when the littles are so happy to see us! It is never very far into the visit before Vanya starts pointing at the front pocket of the backpack saying "Mama! Mama!" which sounds more like "ma-MAH!"- it is so cute! Of course, what he really means is "Mama, where is my sippy cup?! Did you really bring it again?!"

FYI- their sippy cups do have straws but the straws have valves in them which does make sipping out of them rather challenging. Our little ones didn't know how to "suck" on them at first. My understanding is that even when our little ones were still drinking from bottles here their bottles would have had large holes cut in the nipples- so they probably haven't had to suck very hard on anything since they were infants! There are certainly up for the task though!
Little sister was sleeeepy this morning! At one point she leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes as if she were falling asleep... poor babe.
This was the boys' favorite game this morning- Cuckoo! Vanya thought it was hilarious to poke his head through the shutters of the little house and listen to us say "Cuckoo" each time he did it. Every time he did he would call out "DiDi" and after a little
while he was saying "Cuckoo" himself!

James and I have been going for the afternoon visits alone so we can get a little more concentrated bonding time with the littles. This afternoon we had the playground to ourself again, which is so lovely! Vanya LOVES the pigeons here and always calls out to them. Today we spent a lot of time watching a pigeon on the roof of one of the play shelters outside.

In the first video I ask Vanya and Vika if they want a drink and Vanya clearly replies "Da!" which of course means "Yes!"
Just a little disclaimer... if you know me well then you will understand when I say that I can't believe that I left home without decent photo editing software installed on the computer that we brought! I intended to load software onto it before we left but we left in such a hurry there was no time! I found a free little program that does a very basic job, but man... I can't wait to get home to ph*tosh*p! Okay, disclaimer over.

Thanks everyone for all of your kind comments- they are so encouraging!


  1. erica...I just love the video of you walking with your littles. Wow..I can't wait to kiss those little cfaes and welcome them to our neighborhood!

  2. You're Russian pronunciation is so good, Erica! I'm sure you can tell since they understand you. Let me know when you're ready for more words and what you need. email me!

  3. They look so at home with your guys! I am so happy it's going so well! Priceless!!!

  4. Love you guys and love reading about everything. Keep loving on those babies so well...can't wait until they are home in Norman!!

  5. They are so cute, glad all is going well.

  6. Oh, wow, I obviously need to get caught up! We're in RU right now (same SN) and it's been so busy with adoption stuff that I haven't been reading blogs much. SO HAPPY to see your babies in your arms. Will read more right now :) Have a great trip. We've been here 2 weeks now and 2 to go.

  7. I love seeing all these beautiful pictures of you and your little ones. Can't wait to see them in person someday. =)

  8. I'm so excited for your family!! The pictures are stunning and give me so much hope for the day that I can wrap my arms around our twins! Congratulations!