Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 11

Everywhere we look here we see the cherry trees bearing the fruit of their labor. Beautiful!Behind this door is where our little ones spend most of their days. Just a few short days ago they were told of a mama and papa who were coming to see them. Now every day they anticipate more and more being told that it is time to leave this room and meet with these fun people twice a day!
This is the view coming down the stairs from their room.

This is the "unique" wall art they see every day while coming downstairs.

This is the lobby where we wait for them.

And this is the sight we can't wait to see, sweet little faces peeking around the corner. They can't believe that we've come back to play with them again!

This morning we had the entire playground to ourselves! It was around 68-70 degrees out- a little chilly but pleasant. Our littles were dressed in stockings, shorts, undershirts, long sleeves and hats! They sure know how to keep them warm here!

Our sweet little guy in his stockings with his little bowed legs just melts my heart!

These sweet brothers had fun together in the sandbox today.

I can't wait until these chubby hands are playing in our own backyard this summer! I can't wait to take these precious hands to the beach!

While the boys played in the sand sweet sister had fun in the swing with Daddy. Doesn't she look like a little baby doll sitting in the swing?

Balloons were a big hit today!

Henry has been begging to try these swings out since we got here! We've passed them every day on our short walk to the Baby House but never stopped. Today was his day- look at that grin!


  1. erica, i love the photo of james and vanya. too, too precious.

  2. what fun pictures of your gorgeous family!!!!

  3. Love you soooo much! So excited for you. Praying daily.

  4. I forgot to say that Andrea Johnson accidentally sent the anonymous comment. So, Hi again, and love from Norman.

  5. They are all precious! And my Henry is growing up too fast! He should still be his little brother's size! Can't wait to hug you all again! Love Aunt KJ

  6. Vika is a little doll and Vanya is a cutie!

    I'm so proud of Henry!

  7. So happy for your family!!!! Cant wait to see you all home together....Trina