Thursday, June 30, 2011

Court Tomorrow!

I'm sorry no pictures from today yet, but don't worry- they are coming!

Tomorrow at 1:30 pm we'll go before a judge here and declare that we would like to forever adopt Vanya and Vika into our family. We appreciate your prayers for us. We know that these children are meant for our family and we hope that the judge quickly agrees! We may be up for any amount of questioning, and it is possible that long and difficult questions may be asked.

We already know what the outcome of this court experience is going to be, we just ask for your prayers that it may all go smoothly!

In other news... James got some HUGE giggles out of Vanya today! Hope to catch some on video for tomorrow.


  1. Can I ask you about your Vika's new name? Betsy isn't a very common name today. Is she named after someone? Or is there a story behind her name?
    She is so adorable. Same with Vanya! Such beautiful little babies! It's funny; from the photos, they actually look like they could be biological siblings!
    You've talked about how they react to you and your husband, but how do they interact with each other? Do they seem to get along?

  2. Hope court went well for you today!

  3. Praying your court goes well tomorrow!!!!