Tuesday, June 14, 2011

aching for news...

We are still waiting to hear when our travel date will be. Several families got their appointment dates today for June 23rd, so ours will likely be sometime after that. We requested a date for the week of June 20th... and it is still possible that we could get one for next week, so we'll see. We are still $5400 short of purchasing our plane tickets but we're trusting that all of the funding will come together in time.

I'm so ready to go but it's not as if I'm my bags are already packed! There is still so much to do around here- I still don't have the boy's room fully put together yet although their beds have been painted and the "girl room" is in quite a state! Her crib was put together last night though, so it is a start!

The most exciting thing these days is that we have received word from a fellow adoptive mom that she has seen our children while visiting her own son! We are told that they are precious, happy, healthy and peaceful little wonders of Heaven's creation!

I also have something to share with you: new photos!!! Take a look at these cuties!


  1. they are simply adorable!!! so cute, love those beautiful eyes!!

  2. Love the new pictures....so sweet! :)

  3. Erica,
    Call me if you need help with the rooms or anything else. 802-7762. I'm not too busy.
    Julie K.