Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Things have been moving at lightning speed around here and blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately, but I just had to share our good news!

On Friday, April 15th Henry and I spent the entire day running errands like crazy- we had already been to the Secretary of State's office in the State Capitol twice earlier in the week to get our notarized documents apostilled (basically notarizing the already notarized document at the state level) and Friday was our last time. Poor kiddo- Henry was not too impressed by the State Capitol, too much walking around, although he did enjoy running up and down the multiple flights of marble stairs! And he liked looking at all of the bronze statues of Indians! So, after getting our last paper apostilled our dossier was complete (minus one paper- more on that later)and we had it all packaged and Fed-exed to Eastern Europe. I couldn't believe how much work had gone into gathering all of those papers and then how little fanfare there was surrounding their completion!

doesn't it look pretty?

Our Dossier arrived in EE on Wednesday, April 20th- we had fun tracking the package and seeing everywhere that it went- It spent the night in Paris while on it's way!

The last paper needed for our dossier is our I171-H which is approval from USCIS (US immigration services) to complete our adoption. We applied for this paperwork on Monday, April 4th and on Friday, April 8th we went and vistited our Senator's office to request that they help expedite our paperwork through USCIS due to our children's medical conditions. We also had a dear friend who is a pediatrician write a letter expressing why it would be beneficial for our children to receive medical treatment in the U.S. and sent it to USCIS as well. We met with our Senator's constituent at 1:30 pm and by the time we'd gotten home at 4:30 pm a USCIS officer had already emailed me to let me know that she would expedite our file and she immediately issued us fingerprinting appointments as well!!!

Our fingerprint appointments were on May 2nd, but we were able to walk into the USCIS office early yesterday morning and they fingerprinted us ahead of time. Today, our USCIS officer emailed me to let me know that we have been approved and that once a supervisor has looked it over it will be faxed and a copy put in the mail!

As soon as our I171-H is in hand then our dossier can be submitted to our children's country and we will be issued travel dates to come and meet them and complete their adoption!!!

From looking at other families travel dates, I would expect that we would be issued a date that is sometime early to mid-June? It won't be long before we can hold those babes in our arms!!!

We still have more fundraising to do. We have been making personal sacrifices and putting all that we can into fundraising and selling our possessions in order to get these little ones home, but we are still going to need the help of others in order to make it happen. We would still like to do one more organized fundraiser but want to make sure it won't interfere with our travel dates first. Many of those reading this will likely be getting a letter from us this week asking for your help in completing the funding of this adoption. If you have been planning to donate but haven't yet then now is a good time- we could be traveling in as little as 8 weeks! Donations given through Reece's Rainbow are all tax deductible.


  1. God is SOO good! love this post! gives me chills and happiness!!

  2. Wow! You have moved so quickly through the process! Can't wait to see you bring these babies home! It won't be long, now. God is good!