Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pure love

James and I had our I171-H notarized, apostilled and shipped overseas this morning!!! Now we just wait for it to arrive in our children's country and be submitted to their government- we should have our travel dates in just a couple of weeks!!!

We are on our way little ones!!!

We so appreciate your prayers as we are waiting on our travel dates. I mentioned in yesterday's post that we still have some major fundraising to do- and I think that is the part that we are least concerned about right now- I totally believe that God provides for the things that He loves and am certain that He loves "placing the lonely in families." We are making plans on whether or not to take Henry with us, and about who is going to come with us to help with Henry, and also who will make the return trip with me to pick the children up. Exciting plans, but so many details! Your prayers are coveted!

In the meantime, enjoy these sweet faces:

Our Charming Son...

Our Beautiful Daughter...


  1. They both have such BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!! :) I'm so happy for you!! Can't wait to follow you to your children!!

  2. oh their sweet faces give me chills! how exciting!!! they are so precious, we can't wait to meet them!!!

  3. Erica!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!!! I am so happy you will be going to meet them soon! I love, love, love the pictures!!!

  4. I'm sure you can't wait to hug them and give them kisses. They look so sweet! Praying that everything will move in God's timing with no obstacles.

  5. Erica, Hello let me first say that you are answering a prayer that our family has had since July of last year. My husband and I committed to adopting Angie along with our daughter Violet ( we got home with her in Nov). But things fell through with Angie when we wasn't off the 14 month waiting list till Novemberish. We could leave Violet over there any longer so we turned Angie back over to God and prayed that He would find a family for her.
    Praise GOD!!!! Would love to e mail. We are an old RR family home with Violette in Nov. ( i'm not a great blogger!) Congrats on your little ones you'll be holding them soon!