Wednesday, April 6, 2011

on the cost of adoption.

There are so many other things that I'd like to blog about, but I thought that I should get to my promised post on the costs of adoption first. We've had so many fun things going on here around the Jenkins house that I'm excited to talk about them next!

It is true that one of the questions and complaints that we here most often about adoption is about cost: "Why aren't governments subsidizing it? If these kids need homes so badly then shouldn't it be free?, etc..." The US government does in fact subsidize it in a way by offering a fully refundable tax credit for $13,170- that means that if you can prove your adoption expenses up to $13,170 then you'll get a check for said amount when you file your taxes!

One of the things that no one has asked yet, but I'm just sure that people are wondering about is "Why would you start an adoption without knowing where all of the money is coming from and why would you ask other people to help you pay for it?" And this is one of the easiest questions for me to answer: There are so many people that would love to see these children have a home and are happy to help make it happen in any way that they can. When someone supports the adoption of these two little ones I really believe that they are going to receive a portion of whatever blessing that these two little ones bring into our lives!

Here is a breakdown of the expenses for our adoption:

$750 Homestudy conducted by an Oklahoma licensed Social Worker
$85 Copies of Birth Certificates, Marriage License and State Criminal Clearances
$182 Expedited Renewal of James's Passport
$890 USCIS (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services)petition to adopt and Federal fingerprinting
$9,000 Facilitator's fee. Facilitators in EE will help us travel in-country, make
our court dates, find an apartment for us, translate all of our documents
and submit all of our paperwork for us before we are there in country.
$2,000 Additional Facilitator's fee for 2nd child.
$1700 Lodging for first trip
$450 Food and Supplies for first trip
$1100 Lodging for second trip
$250 Food and Supplies for second trip
$1200 Passports for two children
$1100 Visas and Final Medical Exams for each child
$2000 Transportation in country (train trips, cab rides, etc)
$1500 Orphanage donations for both children
$6000 Flights (number is likely low as we'll be travelling in the summer high season)
$720 USCIS fee for 2nd child

For an estimated total of $28,927.

The numbers may seem overwhelming, but we are just simply convinced that adoption is something that God loves and we totally believe that God is going to provide every penny necessary. We have already been so surprised and overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of both strangers and those we know and love with their support of bringing these two little ones home!


  1. Hey Erica! Are you from Oklahoma? I am also, and my husband and I are adopting Alex D. from RR, our blog is lets keep in touch. Alex has similar special needs as Angie! I am so glad that these angels are getting a home!!!!!! Adriana Krehbiel

  2. Hello again! I went to the RR website after I came here to your blog last night to looked for your page there and I didn't even recognized Neal until I saw his picture there. This picture is so cute, the other one did not do him any justice!!!!! My husband and I are so excited that we found each other here.

  3. this is so helpful and encouraging, thanks!

  4. Hi Erica, can you please email me, I want to know how you did the yard sale, we have one coming up soon and I have heard that yours was really great, thank you! (Gretchen, adopting "Ian") :)
    gretchen underscore stewart at yahoo dot com

  5. Erica,
    Just wondering if you have any new news about your adoption journey. I suppose if you did you would update, but thought I'd ask anyway! I'm sooooo excited you are getting those kids!!! Can't wait to meet them. Happy Easter!!

  6. Just going through different posts of yours and getting so much information! Thank you!